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Another Christmas has gone by. Christmas? What? It went so quickly that I bearly noticed. Yet I feel like our living room was overwhelmed by a tree for at least 6 months and still using it ass an excuse to be eating unlimited amounts go cheese. Despite my slightly negative feelings towards Christmas, I have some nice memories with my friends and family from this one, as well as some really fricking amazing gifts. Among them were a few beauty products which is always good. I also bought my self a few (too many) ‘cheer myself up’ presents after a failure of a trip to Bicester Village.

Want to see what I got? Of course you do, nosey!

Sarah bought me some bits from the infamous Glossier. The brand launched in the UK recently and she has been loving it, so knew that I would too. I got the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow in clear and the Moisturizing Moon Mask. Initial impressions are really good, but I might do a full review once I’ve used them for a bit longer.

Sarah also gave me the Huda Mauve Obsessions eyeshadow palette, which is bloody gorgeous and has every shade that I love. The blendability and pigmentation is beaut, slightly powdery but tap any excess off and you’re all good. I walked through Selfridges on New Years Day, which was blissfully quiet, like I was on Supermarket Sweep. Within 20 minutes I had picked up the Kiehls wrinkle reducing eye cream, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand, CT Airbrush powder and CT Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling and finally a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Pirate. Side note- what a strange name for a lipstick.

I ordered a couple of repurchases, which were Morrocanoil for my dry as f*ck hair and Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe for those big old brows of mine. Whilst ordering Brow Wiz I also picked up the Jouer lip topper in Skinny Dip which is gorgeous but feels slightly gritty on the lips, worth it for that glow though. My lovely Aunt got me this Maybelline lipstick. It’s a nice everyday shade, but I can’t find it since taking this photo so I’m not sure what shade it is. Sssshhhh, don’t tell Deb.

When I was leaving Selfridges I spotted the sunglasses sale and all of a sudden my body was being drawn towards it, it was unexplainable. Completely unavoidable and out of my control. Basically I slipped and bought some Miu Miu sunnies. I’ve wanted a pair for years, not just because of the stunning pink velvet case I swear (total lies, don’t believe a word I say). They aren’t on the Selfridges website unfortunately, but they can be found here.

Finally, the biggest gift to myself is….I’M GOING TO NEW YORK! I booked a flight to revisit my favourite city in November with my friend Becky. We’ve been talking about going back since we went in 2015 and thought it’d be best to get a trip in before she starts popping out kids! So if you’ve got any recommendations please swing them my way.

Aimee x

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