Seasonal Wardrobe Staples

Autumn is my absolute favourite! I love the crisp weather, the lead up to Christmas (once it hits December haha don’t hate me) and excuses to have cosy nights in. I also love the fashion that comes with it, so much better than the florals that come every Spring/Summer. Here are a few of my staples this A/W.

The checked blazer

Who doesn’t have a checked blazer? They are EVERYWHERE and have been for a while. As a coat hater, I rely on layering lighter pieces in A/W and a blazer is perfect for this. A blazer of a tee and a chunky scarf is my idea of wrapping up warm. I’d rather be too cold than too warm, I know I’m weird before you try to tell me about myself. I love how it can be dressed up or down. Nothing makes me feel more ‘put together’ than chucking on a blazer. A solid ass staple!

How many times can I say blazer? BLAZER BLAZER BLAAAAAZER

Ankle boots

I’m going to contradict myself here, I hate having cold feet. So boots are a given. Some cosy socks and my tootsies are in heaven. These cute brogue style chelsea boots¬†from Evans are my pick for this season. I love them with jeans or dresses. Just beaut.


A hat

Like feet, cold ears are the worst! *enter the beanie* Other than looking adorable and keeping you warm, they also hide the fact that you’re sporting 5 day old hair surviving purely on half a can of Batiste. I picked this one up from Primark for ¬£4, you can’t complain, bloody bargain. If you need to look a little less ‘cas’, a fedora or a beaut floppy hat also does the trick!

Blazer- New Look via ASOS

Tshirt-ASOS, no longer available

Jeans- New look

Boots- Evans

Scarf & Hat- Primark


My wardrobe consists of a lot of black, white and grey. So this Primark scarf is a welcome pop of colour. Adding interest to my predominantly monochromatic wardrobe with affordable accessories is my favourite!

I tend to wear more jewellery during the colder months, don’t ask me why. I picked up these necklaces from H&M in Dubai during my holiday in September and I’ve hardly taken them off. I love the layered look, it looks like I’ve made more of an effort when actually I’m pretty lazy! I throw on a few rings and some earrings and I am outta the door.

What are your A/W style staples?

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