We’re back!

The effort that we have put into the blog recently is shameful! Yes we could blame it on a busy lifestyle or time just flying by, but to be honest, we’ve just been incredibly uninspired. Questioning if people still read blogs? If they do, what do they want to read?

So I’m coming at you today firstly with just a few thoughts while I’m sat here in 24 degree heatwith a pint of gin and tonic. Will it be a bit rambly? Perhaps. God bless Tanqueray.

Shirt- ASOS

‘Leather’ jacket- Old New Look

Jeans-New look (similar)

Scarf- Burberry

  1. YOU DON’T WANTCHILDREN???? No, Pam. I don’t think I do. If I hear ‘maybe you’ll feel differently when you’ve settled down’ once more, I might scream. I’m so bored of people making me feel like I will have an unfulfilled life because I don’t think I want children. This even comes from those closest to me. A member of my immediate family recently belittled me in front of other family members because I apparently don’t have the right to feel tired as I don’t run a household and have children. Never mind the fact that my job can be high pressure at times and I sometimes struggle with my mental health. Discount all of that because I haven’t reproduced.
  2. Plus size fashion. Yes it’s come a long way over the last few years, thanks to places like ASOS and River Island. But it’s still not good enough. I’m maid of honour for one of my best friends in August and having the same dress as the bridesmaid just wasn’t an option. We went shopping in Birmingham city centre, a place that is filled with all the highstreet stores and department stores you could think of. Yet there wasn’t a single dress for me to try on. We were sat in House of Fraser’s changing rooms and my eyes filled with tears because I felt like I was ruining the experience. Luckily the bride is an extremely kind, understanding person and couldn’t have been more supportive. The plus size market is there. Why are brands ignoring us? Zara would absolutely kill it if they bought out a plus size range. I’m not talking 20-30 items. An actual real attempt at making their clothes more accessible to those over a size 16. River Island really disappointed me last year when they chose to remove their plus range from stores and make it an online exclusive. I remember when I first walked into RI in the Bull Ring and picked up a pair of navy tapered leg trousers and a stripy tee and was actually able to try something on in store that wasn’t floral and jersey from New Look or Evans. I reached out to them to question why and was told that it was a result of market research. I call BS, but ok.
  3. Letting go is something I really struggle with. How do you know when enough is enough? When I had counselling last year, it became clear that I hold onto things and fears because although they don’t make me happy, they’re familiar. I need to push myself to realising that new might be scary, but it might also be the best thing for me.
  4. Finally, I really love Leighton Meester’s blonde hair and my money is on Aquaria or Monet X Change winning Drag Race!

Now onto the positive things I have coming up!

  1. I’m going on two hen parties for the bride mentioned above. One in Krakow in May and the other in Chester in June. If you have any recommendations for either then please let me know. Then her wedding of course, which is in August.
  2. My birthday is in July. I’m yet to make any plans but I will need to do something to distract myself from turning 27!
  3. Vanessa and I have booked a trip to Liverpool to attend Curve Fashion Festival again. We had the best time last year and Liverpool is one of my favourite places.
  4. I’m heading back to NYC in November. Bring on ice skating in the park, all the food and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Hopefully posting on here is going to be more of a frequent thing. Hayley and I are constantly posting on Instagram so make sure you’re following us on there. Hayley is doing Route 66 in a few weeks so I’m sure she will have plenty of travel content coming up!

Aimee x

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